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Refund and Withdrawal Policy

This Refund Policy has been designed to reduce financial and legal risks for LH-CRYPTO, a project managed by Larson and Holz IT LTD, and to abide by the rules of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policies of the Project.

Should the project authorities have suspicions that the source of a Client’s funds or the Client’s activities contradict the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing policy in any respect, then the LH-CRYPTO Project has the right to block the Client’s access to the Personal Area, suspend trading activity of the Client’s Accounts, cancel a request for transfer/ withdrawal, or make a refund in an unilateral manner.

The LH-CRYPTO Project does not cancel any processed trade transactions, this being said the Project has the right to return the funds to the remitter, if no trading activity has been recorded on the trading accounts during one month from the date of recharge.

Under certain circumstances, the Project has the right to make a refund of the funds received via payment systems like credit/debit cards. This refund is processed to e-wallets or bank details that have been used by the Client for depositing the funds.

If the Project finds the Client’ activities inappropriate or contradicting the commonly-accepted purpose of the use of the Project’s services; where there is any illegal or dishonest intention, direct or indirect, the Project is entitled to act within the framework of this document, without informing the Client in advance. All direct or indirect losses and expenses connected with transfers of funds are remunerated to the Project from the Client’s funds.

The Project will take all necessary measures to prevent and block third parties from either depositing funds to or withdrawing them from the Client’s account. Only the account holder can deposit funds to their trading account or withdraw them.

LH-CRYPTO Project does not limit its clients to withdraw the money they have previously deposited to their accounts or the amounts they have earned as a result of their trading activities. Although, in order to withdraw the money, the Clients are to fulfil the following requirements:

Money can be withdrawn from the Client’s accounts in two ways: by automatic money withdrawal and by a wire transfer. Please, note that automatic money withdrawal is possible only at the same requisites (using the same payment methods) the money have been deposited to the Client’s account. It is not possible to withdraw money to the accounts of third parties.

There are day limits for automated withdrawal which depend on the type of service you are using, as well as your current account balance. Please, kindly refer to the FAQ section on our site in order to get the details or click

Not all payment methods can be used for automatic money withdrawal. Please, kindly consult the Project’s website or support team prior to the automatic money withdrawal in order to check for the availability of this or that automatic money withdrawal method.

For both Standard and Pro services and for withdrawal amounts over 500 EUR, manual mode – wire transfer - is available. There are no withdrawal limits in manual mode. In order to withdraw money using this method the Client is required to have a banking account opened in his/her name and to know his or her banking requisites, including but not limited to SWIFT or IBAN. Please, note that it is not possible to withdraw money on accounts of third parties with LH-CRYPTO Project.

In order to proceed with wire money withdrawal, you are required to download to your computer and sign the Payment Instruction (the Payment Instruction form is available at the Client’s personal area under the following URL: After signing the Payment Instruction, the Client is to upload the signed Payment Instruction to his/her Personal Area and to submit the filled-in withdrawal request form at the Client’s Personal Area.

The wire transfer withdrawal request is carried out by the Company within 2 to 7 working days. The Client’s Account Statement will record this request as assets’ writing off. A wire transfer to the Client’s banking account usually takes from 2 to 3 working days.

Please, note that the Client can withdraw funds only in the same currency that he/she have used for the money deposit.

LH-CRYPTO – это онлайн сервис, созданный для крипто трейдеров.

LH-CRYPTO – это онлайн сервис, созданный для крипто трейдеров. Проект предлагает любому желающему (за исключением некоторых стран и категорий, описанных в лицензионном соглашении), бесплатное программное обеспечение, позволяющее совершать конверсионные операции с CFD-контрактами на различные финансовые инструменты, номинированные в криптовалютах.

Проект не занимается управлением средствами и не гарантирует получения дохода. Проект предлагает только сервис, позволяющий самостоятельно совершать конверсионные операции с крипто инструментами при помощи специальным образом сконфигурированного программного обеспечения.

Данный сайт администрируется и поддерживается следующим юридическим лицом:


Все взаиморасчеты в рамках данного проекта возможны только в криптовалютах. Конверсионные операции с инструментами осуществляются с применением маржинального плеча без прямой поставки базового актива. В соответствии с общепринятой терминологией такие операции называются операциями с внебиржевыми CFD-контрактами.

Услуги по торговле внебиржевыми контрактами CFDs сопряжены со значительным риском. Рекомендуем вам как можно более тщательно изучить теорию и практику маржинальной торговли, прежде чем начать совершать данные операции.

Услуги, предлагаемые данным проектом, недоступны для жителей следующих территорий: Соединенные Штаты Америки, Северная Корея, Судан, Сирия.

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